In tough
conditions You
should trust
in Finns…

ARCTIC WOLF (Canius lupus arctos)

A white wanderer can stand years of cold and darkness. It can survive without food for weeks. It lives in one of the toughest environments in the world and it can wander long distances on glaciers and in the mountains. The arctic wolf is one of few mammals that can live in arctic conditions.

Evolution and time has transformed the white wanderer. The arctic wanderer has adapted to cold living conditions. It has developed a thick fur and is quite heavily built. The muscles and legs are shorter than among other wolves.

Time has transformed the Suomi Tyres studded tyres as well. They are the result of decades of development. The winter collection, that has been designed to stand tough arctic conditions, has passed tests in those conditions. The skilled personnel at the plant in Lieksa, hi-tech technology, and the soft rubber compound that lasts cold, the best spikes made in aluminum and in steel – these are the core of our company. We have the skill that makes the best winter tyres for bicycles in the world.


The mountain bike was accidentally a hit when a bunch of young guys living in San Francisco came across the joy of riding a motorbike down the 748 meter high Mount Tamalpais.

The practitioners of this new activity, with Gary Fisher in charge, wanted to create tyres suitable for mountain biking. The problem was the lack of suitable tyres. Eventually the practitioners heard of a northern country called Finland where the small Rengastehdas produced thick low pressure tyres. Fisher and his friends paid a visit to our plant and bought tyres. After this the first mountain bikes that were made in an industrial scale were produced.



Suomen Rengastehdas is the only producer of bicycle tyres in the Northern countries. We develop and produce high quality tyres for bicycles.

The first bicycle tyres were made in 1925 at the plant in Nokia. In the year 1974 the manufacturing of bicycle tyres was moved to the plant in Lieksa in northern Karelia. The tyres are made at the plant in Lieksa.

Lieksa is located next to the lake Pielinen in northern Karelia. Lieksa, on the eastern border of Finland, is the town in Fennoscandia that is located furthest away from the sea. Attractions in the Lieksa surroundings are the Ruuna rapids and Koli National Park.

Koli is the highest forested hill in northern Karelia. It mainly consists of white quartzite and there are large white cliffs, which reminds of the snowy mountains, next to it. The most important peaks in Koli are the Ukko- and Akka-Koli. They have got their names from ancient Gods.

Henry Ford has once said:

”If we would have asked the customer what they want to have they probably would have answered a faster horse”.

It is wise to listen to feedback from customers but sometimes you have to question the suggestions made by them. In 2008 Finland got in the middle of the global economic crisis. The customers compared the brand Suomi Tyres to tyres made in Taiwan or in China and requested a low cost alternative. We made a bad choice and made a small batch of low cost tyres. In 2009 the company faced the worst year ever regarding feedback from customers and the financial result. One small experiment turned out to almost destroy the company’s image. We have learnt our lesson and after 2008 we decided to not depart from our vision, we will focus on our own production.

Our tyres might be a little more expensive but they do work and they do last.